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Oakdale Joint Unified School District

Oakdale Joint Unified School District

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    All OJUSD schools will be closed beginning 3/19/20 and will stay closed through the conclusion of 2019-20 school year.





    Community of Oakdale,                                                                             04/01/2020


    I want to thank you for your assistance in a safe and efficient closure of schools. As we have navigated the first weeks of closure, the State Superintendent of Instruction Tony Thurmond and Governor Gavin Newsom have now directed that all schools in the state remain closed through the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. We need all students to fully turn their attention to their respective school’s distance learning platform and stay current with the strategic activities listed by their teachers. The OJUSD will begin collecting student work for credit/grades beginning the week of 4/20/20. It is imperative that we give all our students, and particularly our seniors, a chance to address any grades that need improvement. The work collected will only be used to improve a student end of year/semester grade. Again, I cannot overemphasize the importance of students contacting their teachers via our distance learning platform located on each school site’s individual website.

    We will work with each graduating class to find a date later in the summer/fall to hold the graduations. As a District we are fully committed to providing our students the traditional ceremonies as soon as social distancing protocols are lifted.

    In the coming days and weeks, we will provide more information regarding grades, transcripts, scholarships, summer school and continued distance learning instruction.

    Please stay safe and follow the safety procedures that have been established by Stanislaus County Public Health.


    Marc Malone




    Teachers and Staff:

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  • What's New

    • All OJUSD schools will be closed beginning 3/19/20 and will stay closed through the conclusion of 2019-20 school year.
    • All OJUSD school sites are closed to all outside entities until further notice.
    • The OJUSD District Office will close to the public effective at the conclusion of work on 3/20/20 and is scheduled to reopen on 05/04/20.
    • Please encourage our students to utilize the OJUSD Distance Learning Platform  and communicate directly with their specific teachers during this time of closure via  the web based platform available on each school’s website. Simply click on the “Enrichment Activities” icon on the main page. On 4/20/20 the icon for the platform will change to read “Learning from Home”. All activities are specifically designed to prepare all students for a strong academic finish to the 2019-20 school year.
    • The OJUSD will begin collecting student work for credit on 4/20/20. This work will be used to allow all students to improve their grades and properly prepare them for the next step of their academic journey.
    • The work of K-12 school districts has been identified as critical to the infrastructure of community well-being. You will see OJUSD employees essential to the maintenance of this infrastructure executing their duties during this time of closure. This includes supporting any student experiencing any social-emotional concerns. Students experiencing difficulties during this time are asked to contact their school’s office to be referred to district counselors, psychologists, or mental health clinician to support student needs.

    Community of Oakdale,

    In recent days the information regarding education as an industry has not been positive. Wallowing in the negativity serves no purpose. We will systematically work through every issue as information becomes available and develop a comprehensive plan to educate the youth of Oakdale moving forward. I was recently in direct conversation with the County Public Health Officer (CPHO) and we will continue to work through that office to make decisions that are based on the safety of students and staff. At the time of my last conversation with the CPHO, there has been no overall guidance provided to her or to school districts by the State for the reopening of schools. Despite the lack of guidance, I will share a few items of information with the knowledge that information changes frequently.

    Reopening on August 6, 2020

    Our CPHO made it very clear that the directives that allow the reopening of school will come from the State. This is regardless of whatever information we may hear about regional variance related to virus response. Upon our closure the concept of social distancing was not applicable to the classroom setting. It remains to be seen if that stance will continue upon reopening. We need to be prepared for three general reopening options on August 6, 2020.

    Option 1: Distance learning in our current format continues for the first weeks of school and we transition to a level of ‘’Live” instruction after the State can determine the volatility of the virus. This option has very serious child care concerns for our community.

    Option 2: We are allowed to reopen on August 6 but social distancing norms are applied to the classroom setting. In this event we would need to create a split schedule to accommodate the distancing norms.  The schedule we would most likely follow splits our classes in two divisions with half of our students attending school live on Monday and Wednesday and half attending live on Tuesday and Thursday. Friday would be distance learning for all students in an attempt to keep instruction for all students equitable. This option also creates serious childcare concerns for our community.

    Option 3. We are allowed to reopen on August 6 and it is determined that social distance does not apply to the classroom setting. This would be our traditional instructional model, but most certainly would not allow any large gatherings initially. Various safety protocols would also be mandated/recommended by the CPHO. It is only under this option that I see any extracurricular or sport activities taking place.

    These options provide a basis for planning the 2020-21 school year. We all know this entire topic is extremely fluid. Time will tell what our reopening mandates/recommendations will look like from the Governor’s Office.


    At the time of this writing it is being communicated that the State budget is at a $54-billion-dollar deficit which equates to an $18.3-billion-dollar deficit to public education. Obviously, this is not good news. It is still too early to get a true picture of what this means to the OJUSD and local Districts. Important factors are how fast the California economy can get restarted and if Federal dollars (even if one-time) become available to public education. It would be easy to paint a very negative budget picture. My only comment at this time is that we found a way to make it through the recession of 2008 and we will do everything in our power to successfully navigate the academic and financial effects of this virus.


    For the current information concerning 2020 graduation plans, please click the link below.

    2020 Graduation Letter


    Marc Malone


    About Our School

    Vision: Teach, Learn, Every Day, No Excuses!


    All OJUSD staff and students strive for improvement and excellence every day.


    We believe all students and staff should . . .

    • Achieve Excellence in All School Endeavors
    • Lead Courageously
    • Enact Justice on Behalf of Others
    • Accept Responsibility for Their Actions
    • Maintain Safe Schools and Positive Learning Environments for All


    Every student will . . .

    • Demonstrate academic growth as measured by the local Common Formative Assessment System and CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress).
    • Improve his/her academic performance each year.
    • Be able to read at or above grade level.
    • Demonstrate K-8 math fluency and proficiency in critical areas of focus to prepare students for increased rigor of Integrated Common Core Math in high school.
    • Identify a career interest and develop an action plan for pursuing that career by the end of the 8th grade.
    • Meet the District's rigorous and relevant standards for graduation.