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Introduction to Advanced Placement

Pre AP and AP Programs

The Oakdale School District offers access to a continuum of appropriate coursework for identified gifted learners and high achieving students. In grades K-6, this continuum includes differentiated instruction within the classroom for both High Achievers and Gifted Learners as well GATE Enrichment for gifted learners in grades 3-6.

At Oakdale Junior High gifted learners and high achievers may elect to take:

  • Pre AP English 7, Pre AP English 8

  • Math: Algebra in 7th Grade, Geometry in 8th Grade

  • History Social Science: Pre AP World History in 7th grade, Pre AP US History in 8th grade

  • Science: Pre AP Science in 7th Grade, Pre AP Science in 8th grade

At Oakdale High School gifted learners and high achievers may take:

  • Pre AP English 9, Pre AP English 10, AP English 11, and AP English 12

  • Accelerated Geometry, Accelerated Algebra II, Accelerated Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus

  • History Social Science: AP Art History, AP European History, AP US History, AP Government, and AP Psychology

  • Foreign Language: AP Spanish

  • AP Studio Art

Students who successfully pass the AP exam at the end of the high school year may earn credits at most colleges and universities. Please note: Even though certain Universities may not accept some AP units, students capable of and qualified for completing the Pre AP and AP course continuum gain skills and knowledge that greatly benefit their initial college experience.

Resources for Teachers and Counselors

Resources for English Teachers

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