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Common Core Project Calendar

CA Dept of Education: CCSS Systems Implementation-Significant Milestones

CCSS-Ca MilestonesAn interactive timeline to help you learn more about the significant milestones in CCSS implementation. Includes information regarding the development of CCSS-aligned curriculum frameworks, English language development standards, career technical education standards, and assessments. Also includes information regarding the transition to a new assessment system and the review of CCSS-aligned supplemental instructional materials.

Milestone Mathematics English Language Arts
 SBE Grants Approval of Bridge/Supplemental Materials  Fall 2012  Fall 2012
 SBE Approved Framework  November 2013  May 2014
 Textbook Adoption  2014  2018
 Full Implementation of CCSS  2013-14 School Year  2013-14 School Year
 Smarter Balanced Assessments Become Operational  2014-15 School Year  2014-15 School Year