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Walk Throughs

Oakdale Joint Unified School District’s open door policy allows educators to visit and learn from other educators.  One of the open door practices supporting instruction is the Walk Through. During a Walk Through, an administrator, teacher, or team is in each classroom for 3-5 minutes.During this short visit, the visitor(s) focus on the engagement strategies being used by the teacher. Teachers demonstrate engagement strategies when they ask the students to say, do or produce something in the classroom, thereby ‘requiring’ students to be active learners. Walk Throughs are practiced by many groups in OJUSD:

  • The Superintendent’s Education Council Walk Through classrooms district-wide 5 times each year.
  • Principals and Vice Principals are expected to Walk Through classrooms each week.
  • District Office Instructional Leaders Walk Through each site at least quarterly.
  • Site Principals arrange for their teaching staff to Walk Through district-wide each year.

The Walk Through Form below is provided to gather observational evidence supporting student engagement. 

Walk Through Form