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OJUSD is using the "Standard" stand-alone version of School Loop. Disregard anything that is for "Plus Grade" or "Plus Portal" users only.

For Teachers

Teachers can easily create a class-specific webpage with assignments and information featuring subsections for subjects, clubs, field trips, and additional activities. Text on a teacher’s homepage can include subject syllabuses, information about the teacher, and more. Many of the elements and features can be functional across the entire website or a subsection of the site. An event or information entered in one site area may be made visible in another area.

Easy Start Guide for Teachers

  • This guide introduces you to all of the basic functions of your account.

Course: Teacher Websites

  • Topics cover how to setup your website (60 minutes)

School Loop Standard Instructional Screencasts for Teachers

  • "These short screencasts are designed to help teachers learn and use the School Loop Standard system. They are best viewed in order 1 to 15, however, if you are looking for specific help then view only the ones you are interested in."

Website Examples