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School Safety

The safety of your child while at school is extremely important to us. When there is any danger, even in the vicinity of the school, law enforcement may request that schools be in lockout or locked down mode, depending on the nature of the incident. This means that any access to the school will be monitored or prohibited and students are required to remain inside the building. If the threat to student safety does not directly involve the school, you can call the school office for information.

In the event of an incident at one of the schools that could be dangerous to the children in the school either externally or internally, it is unlikely that you will be able to contact anyone through the school office. Because we understand the anxiety that parents will experience if we have a lockdown event in a school that requires a response from law enforcement, the following will allow you to get any information we have in a timely manner. Schools are not allowed to communicate with parents during a lockout or lockdown situation, but will provide communication following the incident.

Please know that if there is a serious incident in a school, law enforcement will be setting up a perimeter around the school and will not allow any traffic into the area, either by automobile or on foot. To keep you informed regarding the incident please note the following, you can call the main number at the District Office at 848-4884 and you can go to the District Alert webpage for more information.