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Grade 1 Module 3 Lessons

Learning Objective Ordering and Comparing Length Measurements as Numbers

Math Terminology for Module 3

New and Recently Introduced Terms

  • Centimeter (standard length unit within the metric system)
  • Centimeter cube
  • Length unit (measuring the length of an object with equal-sized units)

Terms and symbols students have used or seen previously

  • Less than
  • Longer than
  • More than
  • Shorter than

Select the lesson:

A.  Indirect Comparison in Length Measurement

   Lesson 1
           \___Homework (Sp)

   Lesson 2
           \___Homework (Sp)

   Lesson 3
           \___Homework (Sp)

B.  Standard Length Units

   Lesson 4
           \___Homework (Sp)

   Lesson 5
           \___Homework (Sp)

   Lesson 6
           \___Homework (Sp)

C.  Non-Standard Length Units

  Lesson 7
           \___Homework (Sp)

   Lesson 8
           \___Homework (Sp)

   Lesson 9
           \___Homework (Sp)

D.  Data Interpretation

 Lesson 10-Lesson 11
        \___Homework 10 (Sp)
        \___Homework 11 (Sp)

 Lesson 12-Lesson 13
        \___Homework 12 (Sp)
        \___Homework 13 (Sp)

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