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Enrichment Ideas for Magnolia Students


Click here to request that a Grade Level Enrichment Packet be mailed home to your child.



Teacher Name Enrichment Ideas E-mail
RSP Beget C
5 Benbow K
4 Bernal A
K Bijleveld G
1 Brown L
6 Cazares R
3 Clark M
1 Duarte R
K Ellis H
TK Faria J
SDC Fitzmaurice S
6 Garcia J
5 Gibson C
3 Heim K
2 Hodge C
3 Hudson S
Music Jones J
2 Kirschner N
4 Larrabee K
2 Lee M
6 Rice L
K Rico S
Savage R
5 Seeger J
2 Shatswell N
1 Smith M
3 Vega S
1 Wright J